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Your hearing aids come with a doctor.


Making the decision to buy a hearing instrument is an investment with significant positive return on your relationships and quality of life. At Clear Sound Audiology, when you purchase a hearing instrument from our office, the cost includes all the necessary warranties, parts, and office visits to ensure your investment is protected and working in optimal condition. By providing you with this Bundled Service Value we can maintain your satisfaction and success with your hearing devices, allowing you to fully participate and engage in life again without worry.

This invaluable service package includes:

  • Comprehensive hearing consultation
  • Initial fit and programming by our doctors of Audiology
  • Manufacturer repair warranty*
  • Manufacturer loss/damage coverage*
  • Maintenance Plan*
    • Frequent/unlimited in-office hearing instrument cleaning and troubleshooting, including anti-moisture treatment every visit
    • Hearing aid batteries, wax guards, and domes
    • Unlimited hearing aid reprogramming and office visits with our doctors of Audiology
  • Thrive Workshop
    • Two classes, led by our rehabilitative audiologist Dr. Johnston, designed to empower and equip you to overcome the challenges of hearing in everyday real-life situations

All these included services are an estimated value of $1600-$2200 per ear**. At Clear Sound Audiology, you can rest assured knowing your hearing aids come with a doctor who will work with you and on your behalf to ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing instruments.

*Duration of warranty, coverage, and maintenance plan varies by manufacturer and level of technology.
**This value is included in the purchase price of your hearing device.

Call our office today to schedule a visit with one of our hearing care professionals.

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