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Why are my ears ringing?

Ear Health

10 -15 % of the population report experiencing the condition often referred as “tinnitus” or “ringing of the ears”.  Tinnitus is a perceptual phenomenon, meaning the only people who can hear this ringing are the individuals suffering from it.  It is involuntary and often perceived in the ear or in the head.

Tinnitus is often described in terms of the severity, duration and type.  The severity of tinnitus can range from mild to extremely severe.  Individuals with severe tinnitus often end up seeking medical intervention.   Patients describe the duration of tinnitus as constant, intermittent or pulsatile.  Some common types or forms of tinnitus produce sounds in the ear similar to ringing, swooshing sounds, crickets, clicking, static, or rushing water, etc.

Tinnitus is often seen in individuals with hearing loss due to exposure to sounds and noises above accepted levels, ear wax and infections, trauma, certain medications, etc.  Stress is also one of the major key players in the perception of tinnitus.  Many individuals affected by tinnitus are often able to cope with this perceptual phenomenon, especially once they are aware of the fact that they are not the only person experiencing this.  However, in about 3% of the population it is so severe that it negatively affects them and requires medical attention.

There is no one model or theory which can explain the origin of tinnitus.  There are various neurophysiological models, cochlear models etc.  A well accepted theory of tinnitus generation focuses on the damage to the tiny hair cells within the inner ear cochlea.

The “nothing-can-be-done” approach to the treatment of tinnitus is no longer acceptable!  The management of tinnitus is an important area of research and progress in the field is continually being made.  New insights and understanding of tinnitus have resulted in new treatment methods and strategies. Don’t let tinnitus prevent you from living the life you want to live! Please call to schedule your complimentary tinnitus consultation today at 352-358-4261 with Dr. Swamy.

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