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Hearing Insights Blog

Communicating with a mask


In light of the pandemic, Alachua county is requiring its residents to wear a face mask when entering any place of business. As many as 20% of people with the novel coronavirus have no symptoms at all. Furthermore, someone with the novel coronavirus can be contagious even before showing or developing any symptoms. This means … Continued

Curbside Service During Pandemic


Clear Sound Audiology is offering contactless, curbside service for our hearing aid patients. With Florida under shelter-in-place orders by the governor, we want to emphasize the importance of staying at home except for essential business or activities. As your audiologists and hearing care professionals, we know that hearing is an essential part of life. We … Continued

Stress and hearing loss


Most people with hearing loss can experience higher-than-average stress levels as they struggle to follow conversations and participate in social situations. Gael Hannan, writer and hearing health advocate, includes some times on how to deal with stress: Know that you are not alone in your hearing loss and you have the right to ask for … Continued

Tips for Dining Out

Ear Health

If you or someone you know has a hearing loss, you’ve probably come to the realization that restaurants are noisy and it can make for a difficult time to have a conversation. Even with the latest hearing technology and the best audiology services, dining out can still pose problems communicating. Here are Dr. Lang’s 5As … Continued

Apple Watch could help protect your ears!

Ear Health

With the release of the new Apple WatchOS 6 (and Apple Watch Series 4 or higher), a new app called The Noise app was released and may help protect your ears from damaging noise levels. The app uses the Apple Watch’s microphones to measure the ambient noise level in your environment. Damage to our ears from … Continued

What you eat may affect what you hear

Ear Health

It has been well-known and documented that exposure to loud sounds, such as firearms, machinery, and power tools, can cause sound-induced hearing loss. As a result, hearing protection devices have been prescribed for those who work in loud environments or use loud equipment. But did you know that your diet may also protect you from … Continued

Caring for your hearing aids in the Florida summer


We have been experiencing record heat and humidity this summer. So, it’s a good time to remember that hearing aids, like most high-tech devices, are susceptible to excess heat and moisture. Keep these tips in mind to help ensure long-lasting performance even as the temperature rises. Store hearing aids in a cool, dry place. Excess … Continued

Donate & Upgrade 2019


If you have been thinking about updating your hearing aids, then this is the time to do it! For the month of July only, we are offering you the opportunity to trade-in your current, working hearing aids to receive $500 off per new hearing aid. That’s $1000 off a new pair of hearing aids! Your … Continued

Age-related hearing loss

Ear Health

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! So we thought we’d talk about one of the most common types of hearing loss we see in our clinic: age-related hearing loss. The following has been adapted from the American Speech and Hearing Association. If you are one of the nearly 10 million Americans over the age … Continued

Flying with hearing aids

Hearing Aid

Do you have plans to travel for the spring or summer? Here are some tips, adapted from AARP, to help you travel in the air with hearing aids. First things first, make sure you pack enough batteries (if you have disposable batteries for your hearing aids) or (for those with rechargeable hearing aids) pack your … Continued

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