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Opportunity for New Hearing Aid Users

Hearing Aid

Clear Sound Audiology is offering purchasers of new hearing aids a limited-time opportunity to participate in a 12-week NIH-sponsored study.

This study will test an innovative method of education on hearing aid use and care and improved communication skills.

This new personalized system streams short educational videos to your TV. Also, it provides new ways of securely communicating with your audiologist to ensure prompt personal attention.

To qualify, you must meet these criteria:

  • You are at least 55 years of age
  • Purchasing new hearing aids
  • Have Wi-Fi service and a TV in your residence
  • Able to operate a smart phone or tablet computer

When you purchase your hearing aids, you will have the opportunity to participate in this study at no additional cost. All participants who complete the study will receive a $75 gift card at the end of their 12-week study period.

If you are interested in having your hearing tested and possibly participating in this new study, please contact our office at (352) 505-6766.

Call our office today to schedule a visit with one of our hearing care professionals.

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