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Does Ringing in my Ears Make my Hearing Worse?

Tinnitus Treatment

Ringing, buzzing, chirping, squealing

These are some of the many ways that people describe the “sounds” that their tinnitus makes. Tinnitus (pronounced ten-ih-tus or ten-eye-tus) is the perception of noise when there is no true sound present. It can be anywhere from a minor annoyance to a debilitating condition.

One of the major concerns people have with their tinnitus is that they are afraid it is affecting their ability to hear and understand. But does it?

A 2020 study showed us that tinnitus itself does not seem to make our ability to understand significantly worse. However, tinnitus is often a result of hearing loss which most definitely affects our speech understanding!

Do you feel like you are not hearing and understanding like you used to be able to? We can help!

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