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Are you in the loop?


Have you ever been in a meeting, watched a play, or attended a worship service and had trouble hearing or understanding what was being said? A Hearing Loop may be just what you need.

Hearing Loops, or induction loops, are small wires installed around the floor of a room (such as a place of worship, auditorium, theater, or conference room) forming a loop that is connected to the room’s sound system. This thin strand of copper wire emits an electromagnetic signal that can be picked up by a small receiver found in most hearing aids. When the receiver, known as telecoil or t-coil, is turned on, the hearing aid only receives sounds coming from the room’s microphone or sound system, systematically cutting out all other background noise.

This technology has been widely adopted in Europe for decades. Larger American cities, such as New York City and Boston, have started installing loops in several public places, including subway stations, banks, and stores. Unfortunately, hearing loops have not received widespread adoption in Florida but demand is growing. For instance, some Publix stores in Orlando have select check-out lines that have a hearing loop. This would allow the customer to switch on their telecoil and hear the cashier’s voice directly in their ear without any background noise. No more hearing the price incorrectly or answering the cashier inappropriately!

In Gainesville, we are fortunate to have several theaters, churches, and assistive living centers that have hearing loops. These include but are not limited to:

  • The Hippodrome Theater
  • Gainesville Community Playhouse
  • Santa Fe Fine Arts Hall Theatre
  • Oak Hammock
  • The Village
  • Eldercare of Alachua
  • City of Gainesville City Council Chambers and meeting room at City Hall
  • Trinity United Methodist Church
  • Westside Baptist Church
  • Chapel at Grace Marketplace
  • Grace at Fort Clark United Methodist Church
  • First Lutheran Church of Gainesville

In addition, the symbol below indicates wherever a hearing loop has been installed.Induction Loop Hearing Loop Sign

If you currently wear hearing aids, you likely already have the hardware necessary to benefit from Hearing Loops without any extra accessories required! With some simple reprogramming by one of our audiologists, you can experience clear and noise-free sound at the theater, in meetings, or at church! If you don’t have a hearing aid, but have experienced trouble hearing in these environments, please give us a call to see what options are available to help you.


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