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About Us

Who We Are

Clear Sound Audiology, located in Gainesville, FL is dedicated to providing hearing conservation and ear health education through excellent patient care and innovative products. We strive each day to provide you with optimal hearing care, based on your individual needs and preferences. Diagnosing and obtaining information and options to treat your hearing loss should not be stressful; we walk you through every step of your diagnosis and treatment to ensure you have a worry free experience.

Meet The Doctors

Why See An Audiologist?

Audiologists are trained to correctly and accurately diagnose hearing loss. With a Masters or Doctoral degree in audiology, they are specialized in recognizing certain “red flags” or conditions that may warrant further evaluation and treatment by a medical professional, such as an ENT surgeon or neurologist. Our audiologists at Clear Sound Audiology are doctoral-level practitioners licensed by the state of Florida and are Board Certified.

Not only are audiologists trained to appropriately dispense and program hearing aids, but they are trained to deal with the psychological, emotional, and social impacts of hearing loss. Clear Sound Audiology promises to take the time to listen to your concerns and treat you as family. We seek to provide you the best options for care based on the latest research and technology, health, income, activity level and lifestyle. We provide continuing care to monitor your progress ensuring that treatment continues to meet your needs.

Why Clear Sound Audiology?

Dr. Jagadish Swamy

Doctor of Audiology
Board Certified Audiologist
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Dr. Jennifer Larmann

Doctor of Audiology
Board Certified Audiologist
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Dr. Kristin Johnston

Doctor of Audiology
Rehabilitative Audiologist
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Anna David

Doctoral Student
University of Florida
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We will conduct a thorough exam of your hearing as well as evaluate your hearing needs based on your activities, work and lifestyle.



After your hearing exam we will advise you as to all the options you have regarding your hearing and your hearing health.


Options & Fitting

If you choose to purchase hearing aids we will select the style and level of technology that would best suit your listening needs.


Follow Up Care

Once you are fitted with hearing aids we will continue to provide continuous follow-up care as you adapt to them.

Call our office today to schedule a visit with one of our hearing care professionals.

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