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Dr. Sparks has retired and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

Dr. Joseph Sparks joins Dr. Swamy at Clear Sound Audiology as of April 4, 2016.

Doctors and the staff at Clear Sound Audiology would like to thank Doctor Sparks for his work over the years and we wish him a very happy retirement. Thank…

F.A.Q.: What sort of changes and adaptations are necessary with a hearing aid?

Article from “2013 Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids”, James Wilson Group Strategic Solutions, L.P. USA.

First, you need to understand that it is not possible for a hearing aid to completely restore your hearing.  What it can do is enhance sound and thus allow you to hear better.  Since hearing loss is gradual, over the years you may have become unaccustomed…

Types of Hearing Problems

Diagram of the Ear

Article from “2013 Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids,” James Wilson Group Solutions, L.P. USA.

Hearing problems are grouped according to the location of the damage or defect.


Also know as nerve-type hearing loss, this type of gradually-diminished hearing is commonly associated with the aging process.  Due to hair cell (stereocilia) damag…

2nd Anniversary Celebration Fun!

2nd Anniversary Celebration from Melissa…

Clear Sound Audiology Celebrates 2 Years

Celebration Festivities

Celebrate 2 years with us!

Join us for a Patient Appreciation Continental Breakfast, October 26-31, 9-10:30 am and a Community Ice Cream Party, Friday, November 1, 5-6 pm.

Enter our raffle of prizes each time you attend an event!

RSVP for events by calling our…

September Special Offer


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The Guide to Purchasing Hearing Aids

According to studies done at the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), the number of Americans with hearing loss has grown to more than 34 million—roughly 11 percent of the U.S. population.

The signs of hearing loss can emerge slowly, or they can be significant and come on suddenly.   Either way, the common indications are often not being able to hear well in a crowded room or restaurant,…

Why are my ears ringing?

Audiology Doctor in Gainesville, FL

10 -15 % of the population report experiencing the condition often referred as “tinnitus” or “ringing of the ears”.  Tinnitus is a perceptual phenomenon, meaning the only people who can hear this ringing are the individuals suffering from it.  It is involuntary and often perceived in the ear or in the head.

Tinnitus is often described in terms of the severity, duration and type. …

Identifying the Cause of Hearing Loss

Audiology Doctors in Gainesville, FL

New patients visit an audiologist because they complain that they are not able to hear.  While the symptom is the same for every patient, the cause varies and must be identified for proper care.

Causes of hearing loss include:

Ear Wax
Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Physical Trauma
Ear Infections
Genetic disposition
Ménière’s Disease

Hearing Protection

Comprehensive Hearing Test and Children Hearing Protection Gainesville FL

Untreated hearing loss can be frustrating and isolating to patients. According to a study by the National Council on Aging, people with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report depression and anxiety, and tended to participate less in social activities than those who obtain treatment for their hearing loss. However, according to the NCOA study, persons who seek out and receive treatment…

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